PLSQLOG is an Open Source logging framework to be used from within the Oracle® database. It can be accessed using PL/SQL code. A log message consists of a line of text. The text is prefixed with date information by the framework. PLSQLOG delivers log messages using Oracle® Advanced Queuing. All database objects of the framework belong to a single user named 'PLSQLLOG'.


  • Support for five log levels
  • Logs into table and/or file and/or console
  • Only a small overhead for the producer
  • Uses Oracle® Advanced Queuing (available in Standard Edition [07.2010])
  • Uses Oracle® scheduler to poll the message queue

Brief overview

  To install the framework first create the framework owner, then create the framework objects and initialize the environment.

1)  Create the framework owner: Connect as sys and run the content of the script

  • install/sql/01_users/001_plsqllog_user.sql

2)  Create the framework objects: Connect as framework owner and run the script

  • install/sql/10_db_objects/000_runall.sql

3)  Initialize the environment: 

  • PLSQLLOG>exec plsqllog_adm.setup_environment;

4)  From another user session use the logging framework:

  • SomeUser>exec PLSQLLOG.LOGGER.log_debug('Debug 1');
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